Man, its hard to be black and American. Humble your self and ask a question.

Why do all bank robbers look like me? Why you look away when you see me in street?

Pleas do tell…

I don’t sell, I don’t rob . I don’t kill.

I mean for real, lets be honest. You know you afraid when you see me in the sauna.

Like some how the whole room gets hotter.

Like you mutha fuckkas couldn’t see me being a good father or having a good father.

My knees hit the floor OUR FATHER,

which art in heaven if you made us all equal. Then how come people I grew up with think im evil. How the pigment make us all deceitful?

Do you want to lock me up and  throw away the key? I just have to ask cause just after class I ran around and found some answers.

Got pulled over “but sir I am not a dancer, Im lead act” That told me my race a CANCER.

and I cant even tell my parents

FUcK the whole world!

Is that Apparent, that in grade school after bell rang for Class I would stand to salute the American flag.



Sam Locker